We are living in an era of transformation, change which by definition contains many endings.  Endings, whilst also allowing beginnings, tend to produce pain; so the natural inclination of human beings is to resist such change and seek to stay with what they know even if logic suggests that this would not be the best course of action.  Some would say that the pace of change is itself accelerating.

This may or may not be true but certainly the pace of change in the way we communicate is increasing.

Globally, man's ability to exploit Nature without limits is ending, and our political and economic systems cannot guarantee either a satisfactory nature of social support or justice.  The age of hierarchies is ending and we are entering a time of networks.

Many of us are reminded from time to time that our relationships are unfulfilling -- there is an increasing need for personal acknowledgement in a society that is tending to iron out what makes us feel individual.  The ability to build relationships is key to successful management but very little time is given to this skill  At the same time, our culture is just beginning to learn to express emotion.

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