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Fitzwilliam Publishing Limited
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Garratt, Bob, 1991, Learning to Lead, Fontana
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Gelb, Michael & Buzan, Tony, 1995, Lessons from the Art of Juggling, Aurum Press
Gegax, Tom, 1999, Winning in the Game of Life: Self-Coaching Secrets for Success, or Winning in the Game of Life: Self-Coaching Secrets for Success, Random House Value Publishing Inc
Gelb, Michael, 1994, Body Learning, Aurum Press
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Goleman, Daniel, 1996, Emotional Intelligence, Bloomsbury
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Harkins, Phil, 1999, Powerful Conversations, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Harvey Jones, John, 1994, Making It Happen: Reflections on Leadership, (not available in the US), HarperCollins Publishers
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Management Charter Initiative, Management Competences, various Publications
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Moss Kanter, Rosabeth, 1995, World Class. Simon & Schuster
Moxon, Peter, 1993, Building a Better Team, Gower
Mulligan, John, 1988, The Personal Management Handbook, Sphere
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Mumford, Alan, 1998, How Managers Can Develop Managers, Gower Publishing Limited
Mumford, Alan, 1997, How to Choose the Right Development Method, Peter Honey Publications
Noon, James, 1985, A-Time, Van Nostrand UK
O'Neill, John, 1995, The Paradox of Success, McGraw-Hill
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Wilber, Ken, 1996, Eye to Eye : The Quest for the New Paradigm, or Eye to Eye : The Quest for the New Paradigm, Shambhala Publications
Wright, Beric, 1975, Executive Ease and Dis-Ease, Pan Books

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